Creating Your First Inventory

Using ChefHub for your Inventory is one of the primary ways to not only save time, but make your Inventory reporting more accurate.  Getting your first Inventory set up is easy, and totally customizable to make counting Inventory less of a hassle, and get you back to running your business!   To create your first […]

Inventory By Listing All Ingredients

List All Ingredients: You can use the Filter to select items based on Category or Vendor, or you can type the name of an Item in the Search field. The Fast Input on the right is “On” by default.  This means that you can enter the On Hand Value of an item, and when you […]

Inventory By Groups

Now let’s cover Inventory by Groups: Under the Inventory section of the left Toolbar, you will find Groups.  This is where you can see the Groups you already have, create new Groups, and add/remove Items and Sub Recipes from each Group. You can Create a New Group by clicking the button in the upper right […]

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