Introduction to Categories

Categories are what ChefHub uses for classifying & reporting your items, sub-recipes and recipes. The Categories page has three headers along the top of the page for each type of Category: Items, Sub Recipe, & Menu Recipe.  First select which type of category you are creating (the default is Item Categories).  When you click the “New Category” button, you are taken to a new page which is broken up into three separate components: Category Type, Parent, and Name


Adding new Categories will automatically be under whichever heading you have selected.  Since the default is Item Categories, any new Category you create can be associated with Items that you add to ChefHub.  If you select Sub Recipe or Menu Recipe, those Categories can only be associated with those entries.


Any Category can become a Parent Category, meaning that it will be grouped together in reporting.  You must have created a Category with just the Name, before you can use that Category as a Parent. Parent examples could be Produce, Dry Goods, Dairy, etc.


This will be the Name that you want used for the Category.  It can stand alone (such as “Poultry”), or be associated with a Parent Category (such as “Vegetables”, being under the Parent of “Produce”)