Menu Recipe or Sub-Recipe ?

Menu recipes and sub-recipes are essentially the same. The key difference is that sub-recipes generally build to create menu recipes and never the other way around. For example a “Chipotle Aioli” is a sub-recipe. It is made with a handful of items, but is still just one part of what you would use in a menu recipe such as a “House Burger”, etc.

Recipe Ingredients

recipe ingredients

The RECIPE INGREDIENTS section is where you build your recipe. You can search on the right for Items or Sub Recipes and click on the result to add it to your staging area. When you first add it to the stage you will see a new form that looks like the figure to the right:


For each item/sub-recipe that gets added to the stage you can modify the amount and measurement type as well as add a small note to clarify anything. You can reopen this form for each item/sub-recipe on the stage by clicking the pencil icon on the right. Alternatively you can remove an item/sub-recipe from the stage by clicking the x icon.

Recipe Order

Order of items/sub-recipes is important. This is why the stage features a drag and drop reordering feature so that you can rearrange the items in your recipe by importance, amount, cost or anyother way you like.


Recipe Preparation and Info

The preparation field is what gets printed along with the photo if you choose to upload one when you click the “print” button on the top of the page.

Just like RECIPES > ITEMS the recipes also accept a yield amount and measurement type to calculate the cost of both the recipe itself and the unit cost if the recipe happens to yield more than 1 quantity.