Introduction to Vendors

Vendors are any purveyor / source that you purchase your Items (Ingredients) from.  These can be companies that you get regular deliveries from, specialty markets, or even a store you pick up something from in a pinch!  You can create your vendor list from our Library of Vendors, start your own from scratch, or you can learn how to import it here.

Adding a new Vendor is easy! Just click on Vendors, under the Recipe section of the Toolbar on the left.  If you’d like to check through our Library of Vendors, click on “Add From Library”, and you’ll be taken to our Global Vendors Library.  You can use the search bar to look for a Vendor Name or City, and then you can add the vendor in one of two ways: Click the blue “+” sign and have the information displayed on the screen added directly to your Vendor List; or you can click the pencil to edit the Vendor information – when you save that information, the Vendor will be added to your list.


Want to start your own custom list from scratch, in case we don’t have any of your Vendors in our Library? In the upper right hand corner, click “New Vendor”, which will take you to the New Vendor info screen.


This is the display name of the Vendor (ex: Produce Land)


This field will auto-populate based on the Name of the Vendor.  The Handle is a unique identifier that is used internally during import/exports. (ex: produce-land)


This field is where you can enter the specific account number for your business with that Vendor.  This can be letter and/or number – whatever the Vendor assigns as your account number. (ex: 012345)


This field is a drop down based on the Vendors that we have Invoice Templates programmed in for.  If you do not see a vendor that you use, and you get your invoices in Excel or CSV formats, please use the “Feedback” link in the upper right of your screen to contact us, and we can see about setting that Vendor up with our Vendor Invoice Import Tool.


Use these areas to record the Vendor’s business information, so that you can export a full Vendor List to keep handy in your kitchen for staff to have access to.


Don’t forget to hit the “Save” button after you create a new Vendor.


Now that you have your list of Vendors complete in ChefHub, we can move on to Adding Items – the first step to building out your recipes!