List All Ingredients:

List Ingredient Inventory

You can use the Filter to select items based on Category or Vendor, or you can type the name of an Item in the Search field.

The Fast Input on the right is “On” by default.  This means that you can enter the On Hand Value of an item, and when you hit the Enter/Return key on your keyboard, Fast Input will automatically take you to the next On Hand field to continue entering your Inventory counts.  If you’d rather not have the input move automatically, you can toggle the switch to “Off”.

You’ll notice the Inventory Sheet button in the upper right hand corner.  Clicking on that will generate PDF sheets for you to print out and use to do your physical count, which is especially useful if you do not have a tablet and/or WiFi in the kitchen to be able to use ChefHub while you count.  You can then return to ChefHub to enter the counts all at once.

List Items Inventory Sheet

Once you’ve counted and entered your Items and Sub Recipes, you can go back to the Inventories overview screen, and View Report, Continue an Inventory you haven’t yet finished, or Mark Complete an Inventory once you’ve entered all of your counts, and have no further changes to make.  **Remember that you CAN NOT make any changes to an inventory once it has been marked complete – so make sure that you have all of your entries in before you Mark Complete.**