Understanding Flags

Whenever you log into the ChefHub Dashboard, you will see two tabs on the right hand side of the screen: Member Flags & System Flags.  You will see the number of Flags in a circle on the right side of the tab.  The easiest part is that you can go right to the problem recipe just by clicking the link under the Flag Heading.

CH Dashboard System Flags

System Flags are generated automatically by ChefHub whenever there is an issue with a Sub or Menu Recipe.  These could be saving a Recipe with no Ingredients in it, or building out a Recipe but leaving out the Procedure for making the Recipe.  System Flags cannot be cleared by users – you must fix the problem that the flag has been generated for.

CH Dashboard Member Flags

Member Flags are useful when you want to leave a note for either yourself or another member about to-do items or pending changes to your entries ( ingredients, sub-recipes, recipes ).  These Member Flags can be deleted at any time from within the Recipe, just by clicking the trash icon in the flag.

CH Member and System Flags