Reports Overview

ChefHub provides reporting on all items, sub recipes and menu recipes. The overview table for each type of report features a live search for quickly finding the desired report.

The reports overview is where you are going to see if any of your item/recipes have dramatically increased or decreased in price since the last time you edited them. You will also be able to view the number of times the cost has changed, the cost change since last edit, the date of the last edit, profit, cost margin, average cost, and cost factor.


The cost factor is the current unit cost less than average cost. It quickly tells you how far above or below the average cost your current cost is.



NOTE: A recipe report is going to show the cumulative results from changes to the items or sub recipes that comprise it. Click on the recipe name to view more details about what specific items/sub recipes have caused changes.

Report Details

If you click on any of the items / sub-recipes / menu-recipes titles you will be take to a report detail page. This page will show you the various price changes you’ve made as well as a graph displaying the information over time.


The next few releases of the application will also be including a per vendor value in the event that you buy the same product from multiple vendors.